Rector Search

April 6, 2020
Update from Search Committee
In mid-March, we narrowed our field of candidates for rector down to two finalists. Almost immediately after that,  the diocese asked us to suspend the search process for at least two weeks.
Last week, we got the green light to begin again, with a revised virtual process. The new guidelines were reviewed and accepted by both your committee and the two finalists. So we are moving forward again. 
Final interviews will be completed the week following Easter. 
Thank you for your continued support and prayers,
Priscilla Coppock
December 8, 2019
Since the committee's training in early November, we have been working on developing questions to be asked of all candidates. The questions reflect the parish's hopes and dreams for a new rector.  The questions are designed to be open-ended, and meant to draw out stories and experiences.  For example, one might begin with "tell us about a time when...".  So we are prepared for the next step of visiting.  On Monday, Dec. 16, we will receive the list of names from our diocesan representative.  Then we can start scheduling visits and conversations. Realistically, these will not take place until the new calendar year.  Our team in moving into a busier and more challenging time in our process, but also a more exciting time. Now more than ever, we appreciate your prayers and support.
November 2, 2019
The search committee completed training by the Diocese to proceed with the search process.
October 24, 2019
Our Parish Profile was approved by the Diocese and is now published on the Rec website.  
Sept. 5, 2019
At the end of August, the diocese sent us the first draft of our parish profile. A vestry-appointed team is now editing and revising that and will submit their new draft to the entire vestry at their retreat on August 21. We hope to have the finalized profile soon after that.
Within the next few weeks, the search committee will have a training session with our diocesan advisors. Once the training is complete and the profile in finalized, the committee can begin to contact the potential candidates whose names we have been given. Thank you for your continued prayers for the search process and the search committee.
June 29, 2019
Everyone was invited to attend a Parish Profile Workshop from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Brown Hall where staff from the Diocese of West Texas lead us through the development of the Parish Profile to be used as the primary resource to invite clergy to consider becoming a candidate for rector.  Approximately 65 participants attended.  
Search Committee
The search committee was announced and includes Priscilla Coppock (chair), Alice Bock, Robert Carrington, Kitty Flores, Rodney Gray, John Kiel, Mark Mangus, Jana Orsinger, Violi Roller, Jann Steed and Timothy Webber.  
June 2, 2019
Our former Rector, The Rev. Robert Woody, retired and the search process for our new Rector has begun.  
We will commission the Search Committee on June 30, 2019.
Q:  Who is the Search Committee Chair?
A:  Priscilla Coppock is the Search Committee Chair. 
Q:  Who is our Interim Rector?
A:  We are very blessed that The Rev. Judith Rhodes, who has been a part of Reconciliation for four years, has been selected to be our Interim Rector. 
Q:  How long does the process take?
A:  We can expect the process to take approximately 12 - 18 months or more.
Q:  Why does it take so long?
A:  It is by design.  In many ways, the transition process is similar to a death or a divorce.  The status quo is drastically changed, and just like it is a good idea to give yourself time to adjust to a new circumstance and figure out the best way forward instead of jumping into a new relationship right away, as a congregation we need to go through this together.  During this time, we will help each other continue our mission and maintain the loving atmosphere that is found at Reconciliation.