Labyrinth Reading List

    07.27.18 |

    Suggested Reading List to Learn More About Labyrinths

    Walking the Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool, by The Rev. Dr.
    Lauren Artress, Riverhead/G.P. Putnam &Sons, New York, 1995

    Open Mind, Open Heart, The Contemplative Dimensions of the Gospel, by Thomas Keating,
    Element Books, Rockport, ME, 1992

    Invitation to Love, The Way of Christian Contemplation, by Thomas Keating, Keating, Element
    Books, Rockport, ME, 1992

    The Way of the Heart, Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Memory, by Henri J.M Nouwen,
    Harper, San Francisco, 1991

    The Other Side of Silence: A Guide to Christian Meditation, by Morton Kelsey, Paulist Press,
    New York, 1976