REC Legacy History

Due to the recent disruption of the COVID-19 virus, our monthly Romeo & Juliet gatherings cannot meet, but we can still connect.  Each Friday we will publish ”REC Legacy History: Readings Performed by Sam Gilliam.”

Click on each link to listen to the stories:

Friday, April 17
A reading of Stella Brown’s Preface to the 50th Anniversary Book

Friday, April 24
The creation of our Church and its Sacred Spaces

Friday, May 1
A letter from Sam Todd

Friday, May 8
A letter from Kip Ashmore, Assistant Rector under Fr. Sam Todd, Rec’s second rector

Friday, May 15
A letter from Rev. Mark Bigley

Friday, May 22
Letters from the Rev. Doug Earle and the Rev. Mary Earle

Friday, May 29
A letter from Rev. Jane Patterson

Friday, June 5
A letter from Rev. Craig MacColl

Friday, June 12
Letters from Rev. David Wendel and Rev. Matt Wise

Friday, June 19
A reading of the 50th Anniversary Celebration letter from Rev. Judy

Friday, June 26
A letter from Rev. Robert Woody

Friday, July 3
A reflection from Bruce Flohr

Friday, July 10
Reflections from Ed Reischling and Rusty Wilson

Friday, July 17
Reflections from Phyllis Kline and Sally Scurlock

Friday, July 24
Roxie, Barry, Mr. Fuzzy and Robert

Friday, August 2
An essay by Joan West

Friday, August 9
An essay by Patsy and Edwin Sasek